Te Mana o Te Moana

Yesterday, down in Hanalei, I was able to witness the arrival of 7 voyaging canoes into the bay.  It was something to see.  The project,  which you can read more about at http://www.pacificvoyagers.org/, is about the journey of these 7 vessels across the pacific ocean, from  Aotearoa to  Hawaii.  The  aim is to sail in their  ancestors’ wake and learn from their wisdom.  Several thousand years ago, the Polynesian ancestors traveled the Pacific on great voyaging canoes, called vaka moana, using only the stars, the ocean, and the surrounding wildlife to navigate, and lived closely connected to the sea.   The Polynesians believe that the ocean is the origin of life, and it continues to give us air to breathe, fish to eat, and nourishes our soul as well.  As threatened as the ocean is now, however, it soon can no longer provide us with these essential life services.  Another goal of this voyage is to raise awareness of changes in the ocean climate.

Below are some pictures of these amazing voyaging canoes.  It was breath taking to see.