Getting a marriage license in the state of Hawaii

Getting married on Kauai is simple.  We are here to provide you with a stress free experience.

Couples need to apply for the marriage license online, through the state of Hawaii website.    This needs to be done prior to arriving on Kauai.  Once here on island you need to meet with a state agent.  I will set up this appointment for you.   The state agent will verify the information you inputed online and will print you a marriage license, which is called a worksheet, and this you need to bring to the ceremony.  This gets signed by the couple and the officiant. Really no witnesses necessary.   The officiant will sign off on the marriage license online,  after which you can download a temporary license.  This is valid for 90 days.  The state of Hawaii will mail you the “official” license in the mail several weeks later.  It’s that simple   🙂